Alright, here we go!

i could stand in the candy aisle and stare at the selection for hours. seriously, its like i think that if i stand there long enough something new will appear. well friends, the other day, something new DID appear…

introducing…NEW fizzy skittles.

you could only imagine my amazement upon such a discovery. i mean, the last time we saw something new from skittles, it was the Sour Skittle. and lets be honest, whenever i see a bag of sour skittles, i just assume take the 90 cents, seal it in an envelope with a “thinking of you” card and send it to Gentle Dental.

alright, so i opened the bag…oh yea, can i just ask, when the HELL did they start making the bag out of plastic? i now have to carry a pocket knife just to cater to the ol’ sweet tooth? rediculous.

anyway, i opened the bag

and this is what i found…

i thought i had been had! DUPED! it was a scam! someone at the skittle factory had put SOUR skittles in my bag of “new” Fizzl’d Fruits skittles. i immediately assumed i was on Punk’d or Boiling Point, or some other MTV show about pissing people off…but no one bum-rushed me with lights and cameras, and ashton kutcher never showed. so i knew this was no joke. i popped one in my mouth…

hmm…looks like a sour skittle…

tastes like a sour skittle…and then i started to chew…WOW! they really ARE fizzy!

but wait a minute…where did all the flavor go? once the fizz, or shall i say ‘foam’ hits your mouth, all sweet, sour, succulent skittle flavor is erased. wiped out. gone.

i mean, dont get me wrong, the flavors are great. blue is the best, as usual. i find that pink is the worst. a colleague said that red tasted like cough syrup, i beg to differ. so we enjoyed the bag of fizzl’d fruits while steadily trash talking them. maybe i just feel that you cant possibly top the wonderous Wild Berry skittles. but hey, you be the judge. grab a bag, and let me know what you think.

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