alright, heres the skinny…

you know when you were a kid, your parents always told you that “candy rots your teeth?”

or if you ate too many sweets, someone was always there to say, “you know, your teeth are gonna fall right out of your head.”

well my friends, its true.

July 4th, 2009, i was eating Mentos at work. everyone knows that pink Mentos are the softest. you can argue which is the second softest; orange or yellow.

anyway, i had a toothache for a few days prior and i decided that i would eat the Mentos on the side where the toothache was coming from.

when i got to the last Mentos, a yellow one, i took one bite and heard a crack. and not the crack of the sweet candy shell. it was my tooth. my tooth had literally rotted out of my skull.

so i pulled the fragments of tooth out of my gums and patched hole with DENTEK.

after a month of having a patched tooth, i went to the dentist after a 12 year hiatus. they ripped the bad tooth out, on top of my two left wisdom teeth. (talk to me in person for that story…)

yes, it sucked. yes, candy put a damper on my day…or few months.

but hey, i cant help it…im ALL about candy.

and thats why im here…to let you all know about candy. new candy, old candy, foreign candy, good candy, bad candy…basically all things candy.

think of it as the Phantom Gourmet of sugar.

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