Wonka gets the Golden Ticket!

so today…a dark, cold and drizzly day, i went to one of my favorite candy shops in the square. you know, to add some sunshine to what seemed to be a pretty worthless waste of a day.
usually, upon arrival, i head straight to the loose candy or “penny candy” aisle. but not today. today, i stopped at the candy bar section of this candy haven. what did i see…i saw Ritter bars, Laffy Taffy, Clark bars, nothing out of the ordinary. so i rounded the corner to the front of the stand to what seemed to be the “new arrivals” section. and oh…oh my…i found this!!!

a Wonka Scrumdiddlyumptious Bar!
its a chocolate bar with toffee, cookie, and peanut pieces inside. i mean, check out the HOLOGRAM wrapper.
i had to try it.
so i brought it up to the register and the guy was so pleased that i picked this candy bar. he told me that they are new from Wonka, and that they are amazingly good. i told him that i couldnt wait to try it and review it for my Candy Blog…hoping he would inquire and dish out some sort of “sponsorship.”
nope. but hey, after a few more posts, ill try again.
anyway, he rang me up and said “$3.95, guy.”
wait, what?? $3.95 for a candy bar? dang. but i knew i needed something new, something fresh for you all, so i pulled out a few crumpled up dollar bills, some change and some lint from my pocket and put it on the counter. paid the man, and headed back to work.
on my way back, i really felt like Charlie Bucket. a poor, honest, good kid who had just spent the last of his dough on a candy bar. then quickly realized that i had no money for coffee for the next few days and really started to regret my purchase. i could already feel the caffeine headache coming on.
so yea, i got back to work, opened the candy bar, and……
yep, you guessed it…no golden ticket. no million dollars, no chocolate factory, not even a trip to Disney or anything.
but hey, atleast i had this candy bar. so i took a big bite…

and oh my god was it good.
this candy bar is no frills. all killer and NO filler. the toffee….the cookie…the peanuts…its all SO GOOD!
i had COMPLETELY forgotten about the million dollars, the chocolate factory and Disney. i didnt care. i didnt care that i got ‘ripped off’ by the lack of a golden ticket. can you eat a million dollars? maybe, but it wouldnt taste good and youd probably get sick from all the germs. can you eat a chocolate factory? no. can you eat Disney? (the theme park, not the person.) no. no you cant. but you CAN eat a Wonka Scrumdiddlyumptious Bar…
and i suggest you DO!

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